CCTV Products for Killeen, Texas
CCTV Camera

Remote CCTV Viewing On Your IPhone or Droid Smart Phone

iSee Video is the affordable remote video service accounts want, where kids, pets, elders or employees, boats or vacation homes are viewable on any PC or smartphone anywhere, 24/7.  They’ll view live streaming video, archived or emailed events from a supplied secure multilingual website we provide, that you can customize and make your own (logo, phone, etc.)


Fast installs with WiFi indoor/outdoor cameras that auto-enroll and secure-lock their video network. Free Apps.iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Droid.. Hi-res full-frame viewing, and fastest frame rate for live streaming video – not herky-jerky little screens that can’t be blown up.

DVR - Data Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders

We sell and install DVRs and Cameras by Napco, Toshiba, Sony. Our cameras can be PTZ Point Tilt Zoom, Infrared, offsite, motion detecting and have other advanced features. Data Video Recorders can store data for weeks or months and live imagery can be viewed from your smart phone.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

Cameras can be mounted on poles, walls or other places and hook up to your company's wireless network. Live video can be viewed from your phone and the cameras let employees  know you might be watching at any time whether you are in the office or not.